Domus Aurea, Mexico

Alberto Campo Baeza's 'Domus Aurea' pays homage to Barragán with a golden wall

Alberto Campo Baeza has completed ‘Domus Aurea’, a serene all-white monterrey dwelling that forms the architect’s first residence in Mexico. Behind the scheme’s opaque walls, a spacious interior is created through the combination of two offset double-height volumes. Daylight entering through a clerestory window at the uppermost storey illuminates the entire property, while opposite, a large golden wall reflects this southern light — radiating a distinct golden hue.

The project forms the final residence built for Sorteos TEC, an philanthropic organization that, among other initiatives, offers scholarships to students and promotes infrastructure and research. developed in collaboration with mexican architect Gilberto Rodriguez, Alberto Campo Baeza conceived the house as a tribute to Luis Barragán who, with Mathias Goeritz, crafted a number of colorful walls throughout his projects.

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