3M Design Center, St. Paul/Minnesota

"I've lived in creative spaces my entire life," says Eric Quint, 3M's Chief Design Officer. And when it comes to workspaces, he says, "Scientists need laboratories; administrators need offices; designers need creative spaces." To that end, Quint has endeavored to provide the company's designers with the very best creative space 3M's considerable resources could provide.

The recently-completed 3M Design Center in St. Paul, Minnesota is a sprawling, 38,000-square-foot multilevel space meant to bring the company's creatives from various disciplines—product, graphics, UX, packaging, materials—all under one roof. Rows of desks and workstations occupy some of the main level and much of the upstairs. The things we've not seen are down in the sublevels, like the rapid prototyping lab and the materials library. But the main part of the Design Center, which we toured, left quite an impression.

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