BAKE Cheese Tart, Kyoto

Brick in Japan: Yusuke Seki Fills Kyoto Bakery with Millions of Lego Bricks

Modern innovation and time-tested tradition are the two main ingredients that have been blended into the design of the new BAKE Cheese Tart store designed by Japanese designer, Yusuke Seki. Located in one of Kyoto’s popular shopping districts, this is the latest storefront for the confectionary company which has based its delicious "freshly baked" wares on the dairy farming traditions of the Japanese island of Hokkaido.

The full, mouthwatering aroma of the cheese tarts baking in the open kitchen, or on display on the counters, could come as a contrast to the straightforward clean lines and minimal detailing of the shop's décor. That is, until one pauses to cast a careful second glance at their surroundings. That's when patrons will notice that the black, gray and white counter, resting on a simple wood and cement base, is actually inventively constructed out of millions of Lego blocks - those remnants of childhood imagination recognizable the world over. These Legos bring a sense of familiarity to the premises, no matter where in the world a patron hails from, and forges a special connection between them and the shop, even if it’s their first visit.

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