House in Perbes, Spain

Grooved Concept: House in Perbes by Carlos Quintáns

With its large openings, pool terrace and pine trees framing the picturesque bay beyond, this stunning coastal house in Spain channels the spirit of the Mediterranean Riviera quite beautifully. But don’t be fooled: the house is in fact near the town of Perbes, in the northwest corner of the country, overlooking the much cooler Atlantic Ocean.

Built for a family of four, the house turns its back to the street and is covered with wavy sheets of zinc, creating a neutral and fort-like impression to passers-by. Its other side is much more open, allowing the spectacular views from the bay to enter the living spaces. 40 percent of the house was built underground in order to prevent heat loss, while granite was used for the walls, which at points are as thick as 40 cm, for the same, energy-saving reasons. Repetitive linear elements such as vertical windows and louvres establish a rhythm that is artfully followed elsewhere in the house's design.

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