The craftiest co-working spaces around the world

Oficinas Guateque, Mexico City

An industrial building in the increasingly commercial Anahuac district of Mexico City has been converted by Estudio Atemporal into a co-working space. The architects stripped back the interior of the building – which stretches a whole block and was previously a light factory – segmenting the space into a versatile working environment flexible for different styles of working. Aluminium and glass partitions, as well as natural dividers such as plants and furniture, allow the space to feel either open-plan or private. One half of the office is a high-ceilinged workshop with a sawtooth roof and on the other side there are three levels of more traditional style working facilities.
Lago Xochimilco #135, Colonia Anáhuac, CP 11320. Del Miguel Hidalgo
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Central Working, London, UK

Incorporated in previously ‘dead’ space within the atrium of 2 Kingdom Street, Central Working recently opened a new club, with start-up accelerator Techstars and the Mayor of London’s promotional company both taking spaces in the new facility. Building on the company’s previous hubs around London, this one not only invites growing businesses to work side-by-side with global businesses, but is also a new development for West London as it appeals to the local entrepreneurial scene.
2 Kingdom Street, London W2 6BD
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Congo-born architect Albert Angel and Franco-British entrepreneur Lawrence Knights have created Kwerk – a 24/7 co-working space in the centre of Paris. 'How we work has evolved beyond recognition,' says Angel. 'Isolation is the enemy of creativity.... We wanted to favour interactivity by creating a space with a collective consciousness.' Kwerk is a double word play, riffing on the French pronunciation of 'co-work' and 'quirk' with a possible subconscious allusion to 'twerk' – either way, this is a seriously sexy workplace.
44–46 rue de la Bienfaisance, Paris 75008
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NeueHouse, Los Angeles, US

When NeueHouse first opened in New York in September 2013, it effortlessly spun the co-working space archetype on its head. Armed with elegant interiors courtesy of Rockwell Group, custom-designed office furniture, an in-house restaurant, broadcasting studio and a host of special programming, the community-oriented workspace seems more like a member’s club than an office.
6121 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90028
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The Great Room, Singapore

Together with two other partners, Jaelle Ang’s recent launch of The Great Room, Singapore’s newest generation of flexible hot-desks, offices and meeting rooms, is a response to this new work paradigm. The idea for The Great Room came about because between a-third-to-half of all workers today are flexible and mobile says Ang. 'Increasingly, workers and companies are realising they need to use a wide range and typology of work spaces to accommodate this increasingly diverse workforce and the different expectations of what work is, and where and when that work should happen. The best performers are measured by the value they bring into the business, and this value is no longer created by sitting for 40 hours in a traditional fixed office in front of the desktop.'
1 George Street, #10-01, Singapore
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