Hermès Pop-Up, Kyoto

Japanese design firm Oniki Design Studio recently completed its renovation and restoration of this traditional Gion Machiya townhouse. The firm was tasked with the assignment as part of Daimaru Kyoto Store’s 300th anniversary and transformed the space into an exclusive Hermès pop-up shop. The building is located on Hanamikoji Street in Kyoto and reflects the cohabitation of tradition and innovation associated with the area.

Originally a residence composed of partitioned rooms, narrow hallways and garden areas, ODS linked the interior together while maintaining the original framework. The exterior design was kept in its original condition because the area is designated as a historical landscape preservation and improvement district. The main feature of the building can be found in the first floor sales area where a Japanese wood joinery technique called kigumi is on shown off and used to create 50mm x 50mm wooden squares for furniture and fixtures. Let us know what you think of the spot in the comments below.

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