adidas Originals x Terence Neale

Terence Neale Directs Edgy Street-Culture Homage for adidas Originals

A visually stunning new video titled “Original is never finished” celebrating street culture, authenticity and going after one’s dreams was released by adidas on 18 January for its adidas Original series. . Already counting millions of views on YouTube, the 90-second video was directed by South African director Terence Neale and features many stars from American pop culture, especially subcultures such as hip hop music and dance, b-boying and sport. The video also features an inspiring remix of the iconic song “My Way” originally sung by Frank Sinatra, which in this case is being co-sung and recited by those starring in the film, thereby making a statement about how the search for originality is one that never stops, that every person and every generation has to rediscover anew.

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