Bugatti Chiron: A Behind the Scenes Look at Supercar Production Processes

Series production of the Bugatti ‘Chiron’ supercar is rapidly gathering pace. Twelve super sports cars are currently under construction in the French luxury brand’s production facility, the ‘atelier’ at the company’s headquarters in Molsheim, north-east France. On average, about six months pass between the start of production and the final delivery of a ‘Chiron’. Twenty specialists in the atelier assemble the powerful, luxurious production supercar from over 1800 individual parts, working solely by hand. As expected, the supercar is subjected to the most stringent acceptance tests and quality controls before it is delivered. Many modifications to the facility were made for the assembly of the 1500 horsepower super-sportscar to take account of its higher performance and the more complex nature of the new product and its production process.  (Photos © Bugatti /Benjamin A. Monn)

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