César Biojo • His Work

Taking this quote of Jean Paul Sartre, "The gaze of the other makes us aware of ourselves" as a starting point, his work turns into a study of human beings, their conflicts, nature and existence. Using the possibilities that portrait offers, César Biojo’s work explores the emotions that lie hidden behind the eyes, having us participating in the work by being equally observed by the sitter. This is how the time value is introduced, which demonstrates concepts inherent in the human being such as creation and destruction, the perishable and the ephemeral.
His work has been shown at a number of national and international exhibitions (Untitled Gallery and Gallery Karp, Barcelona; Oglesby Gallery and the Atlantic Center for the Arts in Florida). It is also worth mentioning his participation in international art fairs such as the Holland Art Fair in The Hague (NL) in 2010.